My First 5K!

I started a Couch to 5K program in August and found it pretty easy to follow and very rewarding. I kind of stalled in Oct/Nov without increasing my running time just because I was having trouble fitting my runs in between daylight and work time (I'm not interested in running with a headlamp at this point), but I still ran jogged 3 times a week.

In December I ran a 5k distance at Lake Lynn as my final C25K training run and was pretty proud of myself (I actually ran 3.4 miles), but decided I wanted to enter a 5k "race" to make it official. So kind of last minute, I decided to do a 5k Race that was January 12th and held at Brier Creek Country Club. Running on cart paths seemed like a pretty neat first race.

Here's the photo evidence!

Eileen_5K_005 Eileen_5K_006
And the Race Shirt to prove it!

Next stop....Crossfit Bootcamp! (Started on January 14th!)


I've gone to a few wrestling matches in the last few weeks, but nothing quite like the first home dual meet at Sanderson last night. Seriously tense and pretty amazing what these wrestlers put themselves through.

I thought it would be simpler to shoot than some other attempts in the poorly lit gym, but not so much. There was a photographer from the other team that used flash units on light stands with a remote. I'm going to try to find his photos on the web and see how they look. Would be interesting to try since I've got the equipment (for 1 unit anyway).


Thanksgiving Hike

The annual hike in Umstead State Park (Sycamore Branch Trail) takes place on Thanksgiving morning (well we take hikes there more frequently than that, but typically do Sycamore Branch on Thanksgiving). Great day for it this year, cold, but not too cold. Here I am with Noodle on the stone bridge that connects Sycamore Branch to Company Mill trails. About ten seconds later we bumped into a friend out running on the bike and bridle trails.

Fall iPhone Photos

It's late in regard to Fall colors, but still some nice Fall views (as captured on my iPhone).

L: Ginko tree down my street, R: Noodle and I on a walk to and around nearby Lake Lynn
photo1 photo

High School Fall Sports

Our final season of high school soccer has come to an end (after 7 years!). I've been taking photos of lots of HS sports this fall as I'm pulling together a slideshow for the school athletic banquet. I haven't posted anything online, but thought I'd post a few as I've been digging thru hundreds of photos. I have to say, volleyball has got to be one of the most difficult to capture. A faster lens would help, but the action is constant and very fast. No surprise I didn't find any worth sharing here!




Time to construct some new sort of photo project or frequency!

SHS Athletics HOF Weekend

This weekend is Hall of Fame Inductions. G and I took photos at halftime again last night. Perhaps my favorite group was the 1991 Undefeated Women's Soccer team. Seeing so many of them in their letter jackets just makes you smile.

More events coming tomorrow. All photos will end up on the SHS page as well as this Flickr Collection.

Another (not so welcome) Visitor

Literally stepped over this guy going up the front steps. We poked him with a broom handle until he at least moved off the brick walkway. Pretty, but poisonous, Copperhead Snake.


Frequent Visitor

This fella (or gal), has a habit of buzzing by our deck and sunroom. I managed to take exactly 1 exposure today before he flew away -- which is better than the 0 exposures I got the last time they buzzed by.

Not sure if this is a Red Tailed Hawk or a Red Shouldered Hawk (I tend to think the latter), but it's an immature version of whatever it is.