More Ironman Raleigh

This is my favorite sequence of photos I took on Sunday.  In looking back at the various photos, all my favorites are those of triathletes when they were with or saw their friends and families.  I liked this series so much (particularly the third) that I decided to use the Ironman website to see if I could find the triathlete.  Between the bib list and google and linkedin, I was able to find the Dad and send him the photos.  He was very happy to have them.  He wrote me not one, but two emails thanking me. 

WOW  !!!

These are PRICELESS !

Thanks so much for sharing !  This really makes my day.  


Hey Eileen,
Thanks so much for the photos.  I posted the pic of my daughter and I
as my new cover photo on Facebook and it was reposted by my sister.
The photo has received over 170 likes and over 40 comments....this is
very surprising as I only have 230ish FB friends.   I knew immediately
it was a fantastic photo and just wanted to say Thanks again.

Needless to say I was very happy I decided to reach out to him.

Ironman 70.3 -- Raleigh

A fantastic day for the 70.3 Ironman Raleigh event today.  I was able to catch the leaders finishing the bike and a lot of the run in downtown Raleigh.  Amazing to watch world class athletes and the weekend warriors. This is the men's overall winner, Matt Chrabot (who was in 2nd place by just a few seconds here as he finished the bike portion).

Great Blue Heron -- Fort Pickens

I've been trying to find a few photos to post from my camping trip to Fort Pickens in April, but there's just not much to work with.  Cold weather and lots of rain had a big impact on the entire trip.  Here's a nice photo of a Great Blue Heron that I took with my Canon G12 on my only trip to the beach.

Hiking Camera Straps

I've been meaning to write this post for a long time. This is how I finally decided to rig up my camera and my day pack. I didn't want to just wear the shoulder strap around my neck for obvious (discomfort) reasons and I didn't want to store it in the main pack which would require me to stop to get it out for photos.

There are LOTS of different systems/straps to use. Since I wasn't sure what I'd like or what would work, I didn't want to try something expensive. After a lot searching, I found a really inexpensive solution to try.

I ordered this set of straps from Amazon, it's under 10 bucks!:

OP/TECH USA System Connector - Reporter/Backpack

The straps clip onto part of my shoulder straps (and I suppose it wouldn't work with all daypacks depending on the width of the straps). The bottom half connects to my 7D. Now the weight of the camera is on my shoulders rather than my neck.





Since I removed my original camera strap, I needed another option for when I was carrying my camera without my daypack. So I ordered another OP/TECH strap: OP/TECH USA Utility Strap - Sling (Black)

This strap is an inexpensive (less than $25) strap similar to the Black Rapid that's around $60. The Black Rapid attaches to the tripod connection, while the OP/TECH uses the regular strap connection point. Since I like to wear the camera on my left hip in this setup (lefty!) some things don't work as smoothly as it might on the right hip, but if the strap gets in the way, I just disconnect it while in use.

Since this strap comes with 2 different connections I had a spare that I could connect to my small G12 (actually, I didn't need either of the camera side straps since I'd purchased the ones for the daypack setup). The G12 is light enough that I wouldn't need to use both strap connections, but I do connect to one of the straps. I worried it might bounce around too much, but I used it this was for the whole Panorama/Mist trail hike in Yosemite and it never bothered me.

I haven't used the 7D in daypack set up for long hikes yet, but I did use it at Point Lobos and various other short hikes in California and at home.

Mailbox Flowers

These flowers were planted beneath various neighbors' mailboxes and I snapped a few photos with my Canon G12 while we took the dog on a long walk this morning. 

The Triathlon That Wasn't

This is where I was going to recap my first ever Triathlon.  Unfortunately, just 6 days before the event, I found out that I was going to be asked to work on the weekend in support of a big project.  On Wednesday I found out that I would have to work in direct conflict with the event.  Needless to say I was really disappointed.   I'm trying to apply a "in the grand scheme of things" mentality, but to miss the event that's just 2 miles away and one I'd been preparing for was a bummer.

I'll likely sign up for the Ramblin Rose event in Chapel Hill.  It's not until October, so I'll have to adapt my plan a little as I'd been planning to just focus on adding running distances in the hopes of running a fall 10k.  To be fair, there's no reason I can't prepare for both.

So I take this unexpected bump in the road as a chance to be better prepared.


Baby Bird Titmouse

The titmouse family claimed our bird box before we could reserve it for bluebirds this spring, so we've been hosting them for the last month or so.  Someone did not check the weather because they decided to fledge on the rainiest day of the year -- up to 5 inches in local areas.  During a break, we realized that one or two had made it from the box to the neighboring holly bush.  They were all (even the ones still in the box) making quite a racket.  I grabbed my camera and hand held a few photos trying to capture his fluffy wet body.  I hope they made it through the night okay -- it was really a dreadful day/night to greet the world outside their box.

Ospreys at Fort Pickens

I took a total number of 63 photos during my time at Fort Pickens over Easter (not counting my iPhone).  The weather was generally terrible..cold and windy even when it wasn't pouring.  Between the weather and trying to catch up with 30 family members, well, you end up with 63 images.  

Here are a few of the numerous Ospreys that seem to be everywhere in the Park.  I kept waiting for the little patch of clear sky to arrive overhead to cast some nice light on the birds, but it never happened.  Here's a few to share anyway.  They've been cropped and edited a bit.

Things Look A Little Different

I've made a few changes to the setup of the blog, finally migrating to Squarespace 6 (from 5).  I messed around with it a few years ago but didn't like what I saw and recently decided to give it another try.  I definitely need to study up on some of the new features, but I think I'm mostly here.  It took awhile to get the DNS/Domain stuff straightened out, and in the end it was the "linking" of the domain on the SS side to get things working.

So I've got a few posts in draft mode (since I didn't want to have to re-import from v5) and need to post my April update for #2014Goals.  This month is the Ramblin' Rose Tri (less then 2 weeks away) and I'm really behind in getting prepared.  We'll see how it goes!

The weather has been just about perfect for 4 straight days.  Kept very busy and am sore to show for it, but it was as much yard work and power washing (G was out of town) than exercise, though I did fit in a run/hike with Noodle.


Running at Fort Pickens

I only ended up getting 1 run in on #myspringbreak, but considering the weather, I suppose that'll work. This is a collage made on my iPhone using photos I took along the way and the app, Diptic. It was really, really windy when running West, but still fun to run in a new place. I ran the length of the seawall around the Fort, Park Buildings, and a Battery (whose name escapes me...think it's just a number). I'm not sure I'd ever been on the gulf facing section on the seawall even after all these decades. It was 2.something miles. For whatever reason, my Nike+ app wouldn't load. I randomly picked a run from my old Couch 2 5K app, but it ended before I was done.



This was one of the "nicer" days I was there. Probably the 2nd "nicest" day, and you can see it wasn't all that nice!