I'm not sure what the first camera I held was, but I do know the first camera with which I learned how to take photos was a Cyroflex.  It was 1972 on a 5 week camping trip out west with my parents.  I learned from my Dad; about f/stop and shutter speed, and a little bit about composition.  I had one roll of film and I made it last through the southwest. From that cyroflex,  then to crappy 110 point and shoots, to a borrowed Canon A1 (Dad again), to a Ricoh SLR, to a simple 35mm Pentax P&S, and back to a Canon SLR (Elan II).  Then, like many, I stopped using my SLR when those digital P&S cameras came along.  But back in 2008, I took the plunge with my first Canon DSLR (40D) and I've begun taking lots of photos again.  Hopefully this blog will be an outlet for photography and encourage me to keep shooting.

Sept 2012 Update: Now shooting with a Canon 7D

Dec 2012 Update: Snagged a Canon G12 to use for hiking trips