The Sun

Against my better judgement, I shot an entire soccer game on the opposite side of the field from the setting sun. While backlit shots might be good for portraiture when you can position the subjects in just the right spot, it's not good for sports. I decided to do this in order to watch the game with people, rather than standing alone (as usual). Bad choice. I should have just left the camera at home. On top of the general issue of shooting into the sun, it was setting in a corner, so if took photos at one end of the field, no exposure compensation was necessary, but if I shot towards the other end of the field I needed to open up a stop. In a fast moving game, that was just no fun (and not very successful anyway). This photo is at the very end of the game, and shows where it was relation to me (actually my son took this photo). The rest of the photos are in this flickr set. web1