News & Observer Photo Class

On Sunday, I attended a Photography class offered by the News & Observer. It was offered via their "Zone" section online and I actually heard about it from either Sue Stock or Brook Cain, both of whom I follow on Twitter. I'd guess there were around 200 people there and it was great to hear from their staff photographers. I particularly enjoyed hearing from Chuck Liddy, Chris Seward, and Scott Sharpe. I did forget to ask if any of the photographers or the Photo department itself had a twitter feed.

Anyway - I forgot to bring my prints for a 1 on 1 review following the class, so I'm posting some here for online review.

Mel Melton and the Wicked Mojos at Raleigh Wide Open Mel Melton
Shana Tucker at Raleigh Wide Open Shana Tucker
Sanderson High School Soccer no_web002 no_web001
Sanderson High School Senior Parade on August 25, 2010 SR2011_Parade056forweb Mr. Mangano talks about the night his daughter Eleanor was born at her 50th Birthday party. no_pop