30 Day Project: Day 14

And finally....30 Day Project resumes.

I had a great opportunity to take some different photos as the NC State Fair is in town. Since I went solo (with G & C in Baton Rouge for the LSU/Auburn game), I could just take as much time and wander around to my hearts content. I realized that that fair offers a lot of opportunity to practice panning. Not exactly straight lines but a lot of movement for sure.

It was such a sunny day that even with my ISO at 100 and my aperture at f/22, my shutter speed was around 1/40th or 1/50th. This shot was probably the one worth sharing. 30_day_project_day14_004
The rest are your standard fair sights...

30_day_project_day14_003 30_day_project_day14_002 30_day_project_day14_001 30_day_project_day14_005