Finally Checking out the RBC/Wade Greenway Tunnel

For a very long time, we've wondered about the Greenway that appears to begin at the RBC Center and continues to the border of Umstead State Park. We've hiked the Loblolly Trail in Umstead that terminates at the border, but we've always wondered what the RBC to Umstead Greenway was like. We knew it had to go under busy Wade Avenue and wanted to see where/how.

Finally on Friday, we decided to go check it out. We parked at a small lot near Edwards Mill just outside the RBC Center parking. There's a nice paved walkway from the parking lot....that ends about 30 yards away. In fact, it was hard to figure out where to go since it ended at a chain link fence surrounding a drainage pond. We backtracked and walked the outer road of the RBC lots and then took the attractive paved walkway under Edwards Mill. Then we weren't sure which way to go. After another wrong turn, we finally found our way. The "greenway" is obviously not used much.

We found another greenway marker and soon found "the tunnel" under Wade Ave. It diverts water from a creek to one side and pedestrians use the other. But there was a leak in the divider, and the walkway was a huge puddle. We tried hopping from spot to spot, but neither of us had appropriate footwear and were getting wet. When we came upon a bat....we decided that we'd seen enough. Actually, it just wasn't a pretty walk, so with wet feet we turned back. We'd like to try the "other end", from Umstead's borders and going through Schenk Forest.

This section of Raleigh's Greenways is called Richland Creek.
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