Umstead 100 | Flickr Photo Set

I was disappointed with the quality of my photos. Seems like taking photos of runners in a 100 mile event would be less difficult than a soccer game, but maybe I was just distracted by the event and the participants themselves. The photos I could salavage are part of this set: 2011 Umstead 100.

This photo is one of my favorites, not for the photography, but for the subjects. The young girl with the headlamp is the granddaughter of the participant in the photo. I had just chatted with her before he arrived. It was midnight, 18 hours into the event, and she was going to run the second half of this loop, approximately 6 miles. When he arrived, she excitedly told him that she was going to run with him for the rest of the loop. His reply was "we may be doing more walking than running". It was very cute! umstead100048