Giottos Screen Protector Replacement

When I first bought my Canon 40D, I bought a Giottos Screen Protector at the same time, so I've never used my camera with camera's glass screen exposed. The Giottos protector is also glass, so it doesn't give any distortion when viewing photos with the preview screen. About a year ago, I noticed the first crack in the protection glass. More recently I had numerous cracks. People would gasp at seeing my camera's screen broken, until I explained that it was protection glass. I finally ordered another and replaced the broken glass (available at B&H and Amazon). Since the Giottos glass is well adhered to the camera's screen, I had to look around (aka google) for instruction to remove it. The suggestion was a warm blow dryer for a few minutes. Worked like a charm.

giottos_screen_protector004 giottos_screen_protector001 giottos_screen_protector002 giottos_screen_protector005 giottos_screen_protector006 giottos_screen_protector003

The glass comes with film on both sides. After cleaning your camera glass with a microfiber cloth (it comes with one), you peel off the side that will be facing the camera glass and carefully, carefully line it up (it adheres very quickly). Then you remove the outer film and you are all set.