30 Day Project: Day 2

So it's 7:00pm and you haven't taken a photo all day...and it's only Day TWO of this 30 day project. Head to the nearest shopping center and take a walk. No post-processing other than sharpening. The street photo was hand-held (5 seconds), with a little steadying against a tree. Will definitely play around with this and a tripod at some point in the next 30 days.
Canon 40D
50mm 1.4

At first I thought that 'blob' in this photo below was something on my monitor, but it's not (it's in the sky, above the "E" in "FITNESS"). Not sure if it's a star, an airplane's lights (this is near the flight path), a UFO, or a planet. I don't see anything on my lens. Guess I have to go back another night and observe. :)