30 Day Project: Day 9

I was going to save this for a more pleasant evening, but since I worked late, it was dark before I could get to any photography. Tonight I played around (very briefly) with 'painting with light'. I took the following photos using a tripod, a 30 second exposure, and my Canon speedlight flash. During the 30 seconds, I would run up toward the house, fire the flash, move down the front of the house, fire the flash again, etc.
Canon 40D
ISO 500

This first photo was taken without using the flash at all. The lights inside the house were actually very dim, but they look rather illuminated in this photo.

The next photo was my first attempt at pressing the shutter and then running up and around the front. I'm really not sure how my 'ghost shadow' ended up so clear, but I suppose I stopped and paused long enough for the street light to cast that shadow? Kind of an interesting effect, however unintentional.

For the next photo I didn't go as close to the front of the house and you can see the light on the house is not as bright.

This photo has a red streak in it. I did this on purpose (swear!). It's the red "ready" light on the flash. I didn't cover it as I ran away from the camera and you can see the light trail.

The last photo is also the last one I took. I was getting a little eaten up by bugs and decided I should attempt this when it's not QUITE so dark. Since I hadn't tripped on anything thus far, I called it a success for now. I actually attempted to cover the red ready light on the flash, but I can still see some trails on the left side of the photo. I also fired the flash into the dogwood tree on the left hand side to show some of its detail.

Things to do next time:
  • Make sure the driveway is clean!
  • Turn all interior house lights off
  • Adjust the flash to use less power
  • Do this closer to dusk