This Weekend: Grayson Highlands/Rhododendron Gap

The better photos from our Grayson Highlands/Rhododendron Gap hike. It was impressed at how many people were out on the trails this weekend -- SO many hikers and most of them seemed to be backpacking. We managed to stay 'ahead' of most of them getting a semi-early start and we only passed two hikers on the descent until we hooked back up with the Wilburn Ridge and AT.

Fall colors from the pullout overlook on the drive up to Massie Gap.

Me on a ridge along the AT before dropping down into Rhododendron Gap. I SO want to camp here one day -- G is not so convinced.

G along the AT in the Rhododendron Gap section. He's about to walk thru a tunnel of rhododendron -- would love to see it when they are blooming.