2012! Happy New Year!

As mentioned, January was way too busy to even begin trying to 'start the new year'. I was good to manage getting enough sleep and basic chores done due to work demands. I'm hoping that February can really feel a bit different. Neither of these photos are particularly good, but it was the first time in a bit that I took a photo for fun. I noticed this big flicker trying to use our suet feeder. This is a replacement for our prior suet feeder and is really a poor replacement. We've had less success with our feeders this winter because of the nightly racoons that come and eat the seed, steal our feeders (2 have disappeared) and break others! Anyway, I hadn't recalled seeing a flicker on our feeders this year so I put on my glasses and then notice a pileated woodpecker on the tree far beyond the feeder. Never got close enough for a good photo so this will have to do. Hopefully he'll be back. Feb_01_Birds_001 Feb_01_Birds_002