Rough Day for Noodle

We added Noodle into our family in December. She's been a great dog, very sweet, and a lot of fun. G and I have been taking her on hikes almost every weekend. On our way to a new (to me) walk on Public Game Lands she decided to leap out of our moving car! We were just down the street from our house, going very slowly, and the rear window in our Explorer was only half down. We have no clue what made her decide to do it (maybe a squirrel?). She was relatively unscathed, with just a scratch on an elbow (do dogs have elbows?), but very scared. We came back home, gave her a bath (as luck would have it, she landed in dog poop), and calmed her down. Then we headed back out for our walk. It was a pretty dreary day and she was definitely not her spunky self, but it was nice to see her moving around well. noodle_in_flowers