Wake Forest Gamelands Hike (and Shortoff Route)

We've made this walk/hike a few times, it's an area where we can let our dog off her leash since we don't see any people. I didn't take my camera yesterday, so of course we see an Eagle.

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I had every intention of publishing our route for the Shortoff Mtn hike on Friday. Apparently I hit pause on the way down and part of the return route ended up looking like a straight as-the-crow-flies route to the trailhead. Instead, I'll embed this accurate map from the Meanderthals hike entry that depicts the same route. The blog entry has lots of detail about the hike.

I should also mention that I became aware of this hike from Joe Miller's 100 Classic Hikes in North Carolina. He also maintains the NCHikes.com and GetGoingNC.com websites.

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