Springtime in the Front Yard

Some new things happening in our front yard. First, we've opted to try a (very) small garden after not having one for years and years. Our backyard is way too shady, so we threw together a raised bed with some wood, brackets, and top soil + garden soil. Most people in our 'hood have their gardens in their front yards because we've all got too many trees in the back. Something had already stolen the marigolds (my Mom used to always plant them near her tomatoes, so I presume it was something beneficial!) and damaged one of our pepper plants, so we'll see how long the rest survive. Garden001

L: tomato plant, R: Noodle keeping a watchful eye on our activities in the front yard without her (thru the dirty glass storm door) Garden002 Garden004

And we're happy to find bluebirds selecting our nestbox for their second brood this spring (they've since laid eggs). We had some chickadees build a nest a few months ago, but they never used it so we finally removed it. We've seen the parents with a young bluebird in our yard, presumably from their first brood. Today, we also saw a male towhee feeding its young in our backyard. We've seem to have a ton of towhees now, when we never used to.