My First 5K!

I started a Couch to 5K program in August and found it pretty easy to follow and very rewarding. I kind of stalled in Oct/Nov without increasing my running time just because I was having trouble fitting my runs in between daylight and work time (I'm not interested in running with a headlamp at this point), but I still ran jogged 3 times a week.

In December I ran a 5k distance at Lake Lynn as my final C25K training run and was pretty proud of myself (I actually ran 3.4 miles), but decided I wanted to enter a 5k "race" to make it official. So kind of last minute, I decided to do a 5k Race that was January 12th and held at Brier Creek Country Club. Running on cart paths seemed like a pretty neat first race.

Here's the photo evidence!

Eileen_5K_005 Eileen_5K_006
And the Race Shirt to prove it!

Next stop....Crossfit Bootcamp! (Started on January 14th!)