Chick-Fil-A for Everyone!

A really fun thing happened at the basketball game that I posted below. It was "sponsor night" which invites the Athletic Club business sponsors to the game and be introduced at halftime. One of the sponsors (and the franchise owner, a Sanderson grad) is Chick-fil-A. They selected a SHS student at halftime to shoot to win Chick-fil-A sandwiches. With 45 seconds on the "clock" (the principal's wristwatch), he had to make a free throw (win a Chick-fil-A sandwich for himself), a 3-point shot (win Chick-fil-A sandwiches for basketball team), and a half-court shot (win Chick-fil-A sandwiches for the entire gym!).

As it turned out, it was little C's good friend that was selected. He made his free throw on the 2nd shot....took a bit longer to make the 3....and then hit the half-court shot on the first attempt. Bedlam at the gymnasium!

I had been asked to take some photos of the sponsors and the event, but I managed to 'document' the events as they unfolded. I had to dodge the Chick-fil-A sponsor along with the Cow, but I think these photos tell the story anyway.

troy_chickfila_009 troy_chickfila_002 troy_chickfila_003 troy_chickfila_010 troy_chickfila_005 troy_chickfila_006 troy_chickfila_011 troy_chickfila_007 troy_chickfila_008