What a fantastic weather weekend!! Too bad I was on-call. But I didn't let it stop me from getting out in the great weather. Yesterday I took Noodle on a walk/hike on Sal's Branch trail at Umstead and while we walked I realized that it would be a perfect first trail run for me. I had intentions of getting out first thing this morning after I dealt with some planned work. Naturally, the work wasn't over at 8am as planned, but rather 12noon. I decided to head out anyway, knowing it would be MUCH warmer than I'd hoped and that the trails would be full of people. Both turned out true, but it was a great little 2.5 mile run anyway. These are photos from yesterday when I took our newest daypack out on a test run along with my new-ish Canon G12 camera.

umstead_sals_branch002 umstead_sals_branch003 umstead_sals_branch006 umstead_sals_branch004