How I Lost Weight, The Exercise Part: Keeping Active

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how I lost weight. I listed things that I felt had contributed to my success and figured maybe I'd expand on those individually. This is what I wrote about fitness:

Added Exercise, little by little, but in an organized, programmatic way.

Then I went on to list the things I've done (prior entries are Couch to 5K and Bootcamp)

Weekly Walks/Hikes

This is so self-explanatory it doesn't really require an entry, but here's one anyway. On the weekends, we try to take the dog on a long hike/walk. Sometimes it's just a couple of miles around the neighborhood or nearby greenway, other times it's a longer trail at Umstead. We're always trying to find somewhere else to take the dog so this past Sunday we actually took her out to the CASL fields on a Sunday morning (when they were vacant) and walked thru the complex and back to the new-ish Neuse River Trail.

I've even added distance/time by walking from our neighborhood over to Lake Lynn's greenway, which adds 2-3 miles to the 2+ mile loop. It's a long walk (over 90 minutes) but I know I've gotten some good exercise in on that walk (hills), especially with the dog.

Here's a photo of us last spring (I think) along the Crabtree Creek Greenway.