Time for some 2014 Goals! I did them for 2013 and wrote them down in a notebook and really didn't look at them throughout the year, but I didn't do too bad on most of them when I looked at them recently. I figured I'd put them here this year (or at least most of them) in an effort for even more accountability. I'll try to do quarterly updates on them to see how I'm doing.
  • Run another 5k
  • Complete the Bridge to 10K Program (we'll see about a 10K race)
  • Complete the Ramblin' Rose Super Sprint Triathlon
  • Stop saying a particular expletive!
  • Give up caffeine
  • Get down to goal weight
  • Camp four places: Fort Pickens, Ocracoke, Lake James, Bear Island
  • Day Hikes in New Places, not sure if I should put a number on this one, maybe 12?

I'm also lumping some other goals under a Project50. I hit a milestone birthday this Fall and wanted to see if I could set some goals around that number. I might add more as the year unfolds.

  • Take 50 Crossfit Classes
  • Get rid of (donate, trash, give away, sell) 50 things a month
  • Read 50 books
  • 50 Blog Entries
  • Complete another Photo Project, part 1: 50 days of iPhone photos
  • Complete another Photo Project, part 2: 50 days of DSLR photos