Fisher Price Little People Family

I saw a cool photo somewhere on the internet. It was a macro shot of some fisher price little people that was enlarged and framed in a family rec room. I decided to play around with taking photos of some little people. I ended up using my (very) old 28-105m lens. Originally I had ideas of using a tripod and messing with off camera lighting, but I got impatient and just propped up a sheet of white paper on a picture frame and used 430EX Flash bouncing off the ceiling (this was just sitting on my kitchen counter).

As a child my "favorite" little person was the kid with the pot on his head (calling him "pothead" and all of them collectively: "potheads") so I featured him in the front. Because of his "hat", his face kept showing up in shadow. Eventually I turned the head of the flash around and bounced it off the wall behind me and the light hit his face better.

I really should have gone with my original plan to see if I could have gotten sharper images and nicer lighting. Maybe next time.