An Odd Running Coincidence

Today I set out on a long (for me) run and decided that I should run somewhere new. I opted for a nice greenway stretch I'd run once before. It's an out and back and flat. Perfect. I was going to run 20 minutes, walk 3, run 20 minutes. I'm following the "10K Runner" app's plan. I'm also running off plan here and there, but trying to make sure I keep knocking out the planned runs as well.

So, after my run, I was saying how I'd run this same route last winter and I should compare times. Last year, I didn't stop and walk at all, so I presumed I would have been faster a year ago. Well, that wasn't true. Even with walking 3 minutes today, I was faster. The strangest thing was discovering that I'd actually run this greenway on the exact same day last year -- and almost to the minute! How random and odd is that? I'm not sure that that means, lol, but it seemed extremely odd. I did take a wrong turn on today's run, which made me run a few hills that the greenway avoids.

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