#2014 Goals: February Recap

I've decided to post monthly updates for my #2014Goals. If posting my goals for 2013 helped, monthly updates should help with accountablity, right?

So here was my list as it stood on January 1:
  • Run another 5k
  • UPDATE: Did not make it to the 5k on 2/22 (on-call work).
  • Complete the Bridge to 10K Program
  • UPDATE: still in progress, running ~40 minutes now
  • Complete the Ramblin' Rose Super Sprint Triathlon
  • UPDATE: registered for the Ramblin' Rose on 5/18; so far so good with running, (stationary) biking, and swimming, but I need a bike!
  • Stop saying a particular expletive!
  • UPDATE: Mixed results, but usage is way down!
  • Give up caffeine
  • UPDATE: in progress
  • Get down to goal weight
  • UPDATE: Lost ~1 pounds (~5 so far)
  • Camp four places: Fort Pickens, Ocracoke, Lake James, Bear Island
  • UPDATE: Travel to Fort Pickens is booked for April
  • Day Hikes in New Places
  • UPDATE: New Hike #2: this hike was actually on March 2, and really just a modification of one we'd hiked at least 5 years ago, one of the Eno River trails. This time I added the Cox Mountain loop to the Fanny's Ford and Campground sections.

So, while I knew January could be a struggle (but ultimately wasn't that bad), February kind of fell apart about halfway through. I was sick twice and on-call twice in a short month. I kind of ran out of steam. I'm wrapping up yet another on-call week this weekend and look forward to 3 weeks of 'freedom'.

As a final tally, my workouts were:
Runs: 5
Crossfit Classes: 0 (which makes me sad!)
Hikes: 1
Swims: 1
Rides (Spin Classes or Stationary Bike): 3
Long Walks: 2

For March, I'm hoping for good health and good weather and no on-call until 3/31. I haven't mapped out my plans yet, but I think I might just shoot for 2 of each (Bike, Run, Swim) each week. I'm having trouble fitting in Crossfit (the "box" I'm going to is a bit of a drive), so we'll see if I just try to squeeze in the Saturday morning classes or just drop it for now.

Eno River from a (March) hike, taken with my Canon G12