2014 Q1 "Project50" update

This is a little late, but "Project50" was intended to be a fun experiment to "celebrate" a milestone birthday year (which was actually late 2013). So...... When I wrote my original post on #2014Goals, I included a section at the bottom of kind of random things I called "Project50". These are less important and really just things to do for fun. Here's the update:

  • Take 50 Crossfit Classes
  • UPDATE: February and March were really bad months for Crossfit, only 2 classes, so that's only 7 on the year. We'll see if I can still hit this one with a big focus in the 2nd half of the year (or not).
  • Get rid of 50 things a month
  • UPDATE: Tossed or Donated 50 items in January. I'm way behind on this one, with only an additional 38 things since Feb 1. I intend to catch up on this one.
  • Read 50 books
  • UPDATE: Read 4 books in January:
    Fire in the Hole, Elmore Leonard: as a fan of Justified, seemed like I needed to read this
    Shopaholic Takes Manhattan, Sophie Kinsella: as fluff as it sounds, first (only) Shopaholic book I'll read
    The Supreme Macaroni Company, Adriana Trigiani: final book in a trilogy, didn't like it as much as others by a long shot
    The Rosie Project, Graeme Simsion: great easy read, told in such a unique voice
    Feb/Mar books:
    Following Atticus, Tom Ryan: Interesting read, got a bit repetitive/tedious, but easy read
    Outliers, Malcom Gladwell: Have been wanting to read this for a long time, short and interesting as expected
    The Midwife of Venice, Roberta Rich: enjoyed this period piece, there's a sequel, so I'll put that on my list at some point
    Three Wishes, Liane Moriarty: same author as What Alice Forgot, easy fun read
    Random side note: I started the year with a goal of not buying "new" books and attempting to use Goodwill, garage sales (not that I ever go to them it seems) and the library for my books. I adapted that to include kindle books under $5. In Q1, the only book I purchased at "full price" (I think it was $8.99) was the Trigiani book that was the 3rd in the trilogy and newly released. Other than that, all the books have been $1.99 or $2.99 discounted kindle books, $1 books from Goodwill, or borrowed from the library. I ended up at a Barnes & Noble this weekend and picked up Thinking, Fast and Slow because I was looking for a non-fiction book that might be a little challenging. It was $16. I just noticed it on Amazon for $2.99 kindle version. Lesson learned!
  • 50 Blog Entries
  • UPDATE: So far so good
  • Complete another Photo Project, part 1: 50 days of iPhone photos
  • UPDATE: none
  • Complete another Photo Project, part 2: 50 days of DSLR photos
  • UPDATE: none