The Triathlon That Wasn't

This is where I was going to recap my first ever Triathlon.  Unfortunately, just 6 days before the event, I found out that I was going to be asked to work on the weekend in support of a big project.  On Wednesday I found out that I would have to work in direct conflict with the event.  Needless to say I was really disappointed.   I'm trying to apply a "in the grand scheme of things" mentality, but to miss the event that's just 2 miles away and one I'd been preparing for was a bummer.

I'll likely sign up for the Ramblin Rose event in Chapel Hill.  It's not until October, so I'll have to adapt my plan a little as I'd been planning to just focus on adding running distances in the hopes of running a fall 10k.  To be fair, there's no reason I can't prepare for both.

So I take this unexpected bump in the road as a chance to be better prepared.