#2014 Goals Update (April, May)

So, I'm a few months behind in getting an update posted.  It's been interesting (and maybe predictable) to see how my best month of working on these goals was January.  I guess that's typical, but for me, January is usually so busy, with so many working hours and deadlines that's it's really hard to commit to doing something at a certain time for a length of time.   I suppose the "New Year Resolution" countered that pretty well.

So not surprisingly the update isn't so great, haha.

  • Run another 5k:  Did not make it to the 5k on 2/22 (on-call work).
  • Complete the Bridge to 10K Program: paused to focus on Triathlon, however:
  • Complete the Ramblin' Rose Super Sprint Triathlon: registered for the 5/18 event, but was unable to compete due to a direct work conflict which was really frustrating (given I wasn't on-call), I am planning to register for the October event in Chapel Hill
  • Stop saying a particular expletive! Fell way off that wagon
  • Give up caffeine: in progress
  • Get down to goal weight: bounced around in April/May and am sitting around ~4 down since Jan 1
  • Camp four places: Fort Pickens, Ocracoke, Lake James, Bear Island:  camped in Fort Pickens in April and eye-ing an overnight in Western NC sometime this month
  • Day Hikes in New Places: I feel like we did this, but I can't recall where.  We also went on a few Greenway Bike Rides that were new to us.

So, on the workout/exercise front, not being able to do the Ramblin Rose in May was a huge bummer and in a small way impacts what I was going to focus on after it.  I've decided to do the October event in Chapel Hill, so I'll need to continue to bike and swim along with running.  I thought maybe I'd try to increase my running mileage along the way as well and shoot for a Turkey Trot in November which should be longer than a 5k (8k or 10k).  I should be able to pick up the Bridge to 10K at some point as I get back into a better running groove.



I did try biking to the Y and then doing laps in the outdoor pool one evening this week and that worked great.  The Y's indoor lap lanes are pretty busy in the evenings which left early mornings and weekends for swimming.  Being able to use the outdoor pool in the evenings (which isn't that busy) is a nice option.  The ride over is really short (~3 miles), but it's pretty hilly and I can always add some extra to that.