Throwback Photo: Yosemite Sept '13

A few weeks ago our Cablevision went out due to a nearby lightning strike.  We decided to hook up the laptop to the TV and look at photos from our Yosemite and Yellowstone trips.  I came upon this photo and realized that I really liked it.  It was a smoky morning in the Valley due to the nearby Rim Fire.  We were so lucky to have a gorgeous day for our Panoroma/Mist trail hike just the day prior. 

On this morning, we were moving slow and really sore so we just puttered around the Valley and G fished in the Merced River.  I brought out my tripod and tried  taking photos here and there, but the smoke obscured any of the iconic granite peaks.  

But I like this photo for whatever reason.  It's not the greatest reflection, but nice enough.  And it includes the hazy/smoky atmosphere.

Merced River in Yosemite Valley, Smoky from Rim Fire