#2014Goals Update: June/July

I think I skipped posting after June, so here's another combined update.   

It's not surprising that if I didn't post, I probably don't have anything fantastic to report!  But it's not all bad either.  I haven't really increased my working out, but I'm still running each week at least once and getting on the bike here and there.  I've dropped off on my swimming a bit.

The good news is that I had a nice run this week and used a different neighborhood loop that I liked.  I want to try walking over to Lake Lynn, running the loop and walking back...a nice 5 mile loop that I can adapt to add more running miles as I try to increase distances.  I need to take advantage of the long daylight hours while I can.

So here goes:

  • Run another 5k:  Did not make it to the 5k on 2/22 (on-call work), looking at the Canes 5K in Sept.
  • Complete the Bridge to 10K Program: ongoing
  • Complete the Ramblin' Rose Super Sprint Triathlon: registered for the 5/18 event, but was unable to compete due to a direct work conflict which was really frustrating (given I wasn't on-call), I am planning to register for the October event in Chapel Hill.  I have not registered yet, but should do so soon.
  • Stop saying a particular expletive! still off that wagon
  • Give up caffeine: in progress
  • Get down to goal weight: well, this one is probably the most disappointing, having bounced around a little more and basically back where I started.  Nothing that can't be accomplished with the remainder of the year though.
  • Camp four places: Fort Pickens, Ocracoke, Lake James, Bear Island:  camped in Fort Pickens in April.  In June, I had ideas of camping in the Asheville area while combining a trip to visit my Mom, but instead we got super lucky to get the chance to stay at LeConte Lodge for an overnight in June.  As it stands now, I'm planning a "loop" in October that will include stays at Frisco, Ocracoke, and Bear Island -- and I really can't wait.
  • Day Hikes in New Places: The Alum Cave Bluffs trail would have to count for this, plus we rode on a brand new (to us) section of the Neuse River Trail.

And since no post is any good without a photo, here is a hummingbird from our feeder.   I'll have to try to get one when the light is hitting its back, this will do for now.

I had taken some yesterday with a really high ISO that was super grainy (plus it was thru a filthy window).  Since I was using ISO 2500 here, the shutter speed was only 1/800, so the wings were still blurred.  Today I just sat still on my deck in a chair and he returned within a few minutes.  

Canon 7D / 70-200mm F4 lens / ISO 2500 / f4 @ 1/800