#2014Goals: August Update

I made some really good progress on the fitness front last month.! Three solid weeks of triathlon training using this plan (picking up at Week 4 since that matched the time frame left for my event) and not missing a workout. I also modified "up" in most cases, but I think it's a great plan for people who are starting from scratch.  

HOWEVER...a wrinkle has been introduced that competes and conflicts with another goal.  I have the chance to be part of a "Backpacking 101" group that does weekly hikes and info sessions and culminates with a 2 night backpack trip for Week 5.  It directly conflicts with the Chapel Hill triathlon.  Of COURSE, I just sent in my registration (and $80) before the Backpacking program was announced.  So I can eat another $80/skip the triathlon and do the backpacking....or the opposite.

I hate to put the triathlon on the back-burner again, but I know there will be plenty of other chances to do one next year.  I also know how to prepare for one.  I'm not as certain about the backpacking opportunities.  The fact that this one doesn't conflict with my on-call schedule is a minor miracle in itself!

I have all the necessary gear for backpacking at this point, so there are no obstacles (or expenses) there.  This Osprey Pack (Sirrus 36) is really on the small side for backpacking, but it was originally purchased to be flexible enough for long day hikes and the overnight we have planned for Bear Island. So we'll see how well it holds up for a 2 night hike next month.

At the info session last night, there was far more interest in the program than they were offering slots, so I  decided if I got picked thru the lottery drawing, then I'd take that as a sign.  I was picked.

So, revision to the triathlon plans it seems!  I think I'll drop that goal for this year, and then focus more on finishing the 10k training plan instead of fitting 2 sessions each of biking and swimming each week in addition to running.

UPDATE:  Before I even posted this, I ended up attending the first hiking/prep session and have decided I will for sure forgo the triathlon and opt for the backpacking opportunity.    Just couldn't pass it up.