Yellowstone and Grand Teton Fauna

Finally pulling out some shots of the wildlife we saw during our time in Yellowstone and Grand Tetons in June.

A black bear along the road on our arrival day... we didn't even stop the car and there wasn't anywhere to pull off.   Rangers kept traffic moving. 


Bison and Pronghorn Antelope in Lamar Valley


Harlequin Ducks at Le Hardy Rapids


Big Horn Ewes and Babies on the face of Mt. Washburn


Cinnamon Black Bear Cubs and their Mom near Yellowstone Picnic Area


And another Black Bear who is trying to go undetected by a Yellowstone Ranger at Tower-Roosevelt Ranger Station


Elk with tracking collar just before sunrise near Mt. Washburn


Bull Elk near Canyon just after sunrise


A bad photo of a pair of coyotes crossing the road in front of our car


Swans in Hayden Valley 


....and two photos of Grand Teton wildlife.  These two Moose ran us off the trail and passed us.  Due to my camera still being set for night photography, a great photo opp became a shot of their behinds after they passed us.


Finally, a marmot resting