Happy New Year!

Yup, it's February and like every year, it finally feels like a time to embrace the new year as opposed to just keeping my head above water with work projects and long hours in December and January.  I mentioned this before here;  it's an annual event.  I do know that I kind of attacked Jan 2014 with a little more organization and as a result more progress, but I'm not sure I would have been able to pull that off this January.  I guess sometimes the on-call gods don't smile down at you.

I'm not sure what kind of #2015Goals I'll attempt this year, but I'll probably chop up the goals into shorter time frames.  Starting off for now, will be to clean up my diet (and get those last pounds off, finally) and schedule my exercise again with goals and plans.

Since no post is any good without a photo, here's one from Sept 2013 when G was doing a little fishing along the Merced River in Yosemite Valley.