(Early) Morning at Harvard

I spent last week in New Hampshire for work and before flying back home from Boston, I decided to get up very early and head to Cambridge and take a very quick walking tour of Harvard (all of these photos were taken before 10am, most before 9am). What a cool place to go to college.
Harvard Square

L: Harvard Yard, R: Widener Memorial Library

L: Sever Hall, R: Rhododendron with Massachusetts Hall in background

Charles River, Weeks Memorial Bridge, Harvard in backgroundHARVARD_DPP_006

Downton Abbey

So this 30 Day Project is taking 60+ I think, but I do have some photos from over Thanksgiving weekend, including deer that literally crossed our path during a walk on a nearby greenway on Thanksgiving Day.

One thing I have done lately is re-watch the first season of Downton Abbey. Season Two begins on PBS on January 8th. Very much enjoy this show!

I also watched Daniel Deronda recently and while Hugh Bonneville's character seemed so familiar, it wasn't until I looked it up that I realized he was also Lord Grantham. The characters are so different that I think it threw me.

Sanderson High School Baseball | Millbrook 04.26.2011

First time taking baseball photos. Other than: limited angle, crappy background (electrical boxes!?), having to shoot through a chain-link gate (that was a step up from shooting through the fence itself), and still not having enough lens (F4) to allow enough light...it was easy! :) Actually, baseball seems like a fun sport to shoot, but I doubt I'd ever have a good place from which to shoot. I thought about climbing up on the dugout roof, but was not quite brave enough for that.

Full Set: Sanderson High School Baseball | Millbrook 04.26.2011

"Barbeque" Shrimp

When I was going through old paperwork last week, I found this recipe that my bro-in-law, Jack, gave to me years ago. It's been awhile since we'd had it, so I made it today. Very simple, very good.


We did something different this weekend, we foster/babysat five puppies. Three on Friday night, and two on Saturday night. Here are photos of the big balls of fluff we babysat on Friday night (forgot to take photos of the two other pups we watched on Saturday). A shelter from South Carolina had a booth at the Southern Women's Show and were hoping that they'd all be adopted. The three puppies we watched on Friday night were indeed adopted on Saturday. Hopefully the other two found their homes on Sunday.
puppies001 puppies002
puppies003 puppies004
puppies005 puppies008