More Ironman Raleigh

This is my favorite sequence of photos I took on Sunday.  In looking back at the various photos, all my favorites are those of triathletes when they were with or saw their friends and families.  I liked this series so much (particularly the third) that I decided to use the Ironman website to see if I could find the triathlete.  Between the bib list and google and linkedin, I was able to find the Dad and send him the photos.  He was very happy to have them.  He wrote me not one, but two emails thanking me. 

WOW  !!!

These are PRICELESS !

Thanks so much for sharing !  This really makes my day.  


Hey Eileen,
Thanks so much for the photos.  I posted the pic of my daughter and I
as my new cover photo on Facebook and it was reposted by my sister.
The photo has received over 170 likes and over 40 comments....this is
very surprising as I only have 230ish FB friends.   I knew immediately
it was a fantastic photo and just wanted to say Thanks again.

Needless to say I was very happy I decided to reach out to him.

Ironman 70.3 -- Raleigh

A fantastic day for the 70.3 Ironman Raleigh event today.  I was able to catch the leaders finishing the bike and a lot of the run in downtown Raleigh.  Amazing to watch world class athletes and the weekend warriors. This is the men's overall winner, Matt Chrabot (who was in 2nd place by just a few seconds here as he finished the bike portion).

Red-Shouldered Hawk in Snow

Saw this guy (or gal) landed on our fence and grabbed my camera. I had it laying nearby hoping to get a photo of some bluebirds in contrast to the snow, but this guy will do. This was shot thru a (likely dirty) window using my 70-200m F4 lens. It's been cropped a little, along with a little bump in saturation and a little curve (using the very simple Canon Digital Photo Professional).


Snow Day 2014

Not what they predicted (darn) or what he hoped for, but a few inches of snow to coat everything. Per usual, we take a walk in the snow first thing the following morning to enjoy the snow covered roads and quiet before too many people and cars get out (I even set my alarm, which I normally don't do!). This morning we took a walk to Lake Lynn hoping to see it partially frozen (as it was on Sunday).

We found some other walkers/runners doing the same thing. Loved the brightly colored vest against the white snow.

Out of the neighborhood and cutting through the woods to Lake Lynn Greenway snow_day003 snow_day004

A really grey, moody, Lake Lynn -- all the birds were hiding elsewhere snow_day005

Heading back home to start the work day


What a fantastic weather weekend!! Too bad I was on-call. But I didn't let it stop me from getting out in the great weather. Yesterday I took Noodle on a walk/hike on Sal's Branch trail at Umstead and while we walked I realized that it would be a perfect first trail run for me. I had intentions of getting out first thing this morning after I dealt with some planned work. Naturally, the work wasn't over at 8am as planned, but rather 12noon. I decided to head out anyway, knowing it would be MUCH warmer than I'd hoped and that the trails would be full of people. Both turned out true, but it was a great little 2.5 mile run anyway. These are photos from yesterday when I took our newest daypack out on a test run along with my new-ish Canon G12 camera.

umstead_sals_branch002 umstead_sals_branch003 umstead_sals_branch006 umstead_sals_branch004


Chick-Fil-A for Everyone!

A really fun thing happened at the basketball game that I posted below. It was "sponsor night" which invites the Athletic Club business sponsors to the game and be introduced at halftime. One of the sponsors (and the franchise owner, a Sanderson grad) is Chick-fil-A. They selected a SHS student at halftime to shoot to win Chick-fil-A sandwiches. With 45 seconds on the "clock" (the principal's wristwatch), he had to make a free throw (win a Chick-fil-A sandwich for himself), a 3-point shot (win Chick-fil-A sandwiches for basketball team), and a half-court shot (win Chick-fil-A sandwiches for the entire gym!).

As it turned out, it was little C's good friend that was selected. He made his free throw on the 2nd shot....took a bit longer to make the 3....and then hit the half-court shot on the first attempt. Bedlam at the gymnasium!

I had been asked to take some photos of the sponsors and the event, but I managed to 'document' the events as they unfolded. I had to dodge the Chick-fil-A sponsor along with the Cow, but I think these photos tell the story anyway.

troy_chickfila_009 troy_chickfila_002 troy_chickfila_003 troy_chickfila_010 troy_chickfila_005 troy_chickfila_006 troy_chickfila_011 troy_chickfila_007 troy_chickfila_008