More Ironman Raleigh

This is my favorite sequence of photos I took on Sunday.  In looking back at the various photos, all my favorites are those of triathletes when they were with or saw their friends and families.  I liked this series so much (particularly the third) that I decided to use the Ironman website to see if I could find the triathlete.  Between the bib list and google and linkedin, I was able to find the Dad and send him the photos.  He was very happy to have them.  He wrote me not one, but two emails thanking me. 

WOW  !!!

These are PRICELESS !

Thanks so much for sharing !  This really makes my day.  


Hey Eileen,
Thanks so much for the photos.  I posted the pic of my daughter and I
as my new cover photo on Facebook and it was reposted by my sister.
The photo has received over 170 likes and over 40 comments....this is
very surprising as I only have 230ish FB friends.   I knew immediately
it was a fantastic photo and just wanted to say Thanks again.

Needless to say I was very happy I decided to reach out to him.