How I Lost Weight, The Exercise Part: Boot Camp

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how I lost weight. I listed things that I felt had contributed to my success and figured maybe I'd expand on those individually. This is what I wrote about fitness:

Added Exercise, little by little, but in an organized, programmatic way.

Then I went on to list the things I've done.

Started attending a "Boot Camp" class 3x/week
Just as I'd added some aerobic exercise back in August, I felt like it was time to add something more to the fitness side of things. I had hit my first weight loss "plateau" around the holidays (no wonder!) and it was a perfect time to add some new goals at the first of the year. I had done some "research" (google) about boot camp type classes and decided to try one run by a local Crossfit gym. It runs Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 6am. It was perfect for my schedule (other than the getting up at 5:30am part).

I started in mid-January and have been going ever since. I do miss a day here and there, but not very often. I'm ALWAYS glad I've gone and I've found that I'm pretty productive (grocery story run, fill up my gas tank, do some chores at home, etc.) from the time I'm done with the workout to when I start my workday, so it's been a good thing all around.

So, what does it entail? A little bit of everything! Every day is different (each day is actually led by a different "coach"). It can run for 15 minutes...or 40 minutes, but usually somewhere in between. We do pushups, situps, pullups, planks, squats, dips (or a form of them!), work with dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, rowing machines, TRX Suspension Straps, jump rope, and lots more. We have a small group that shows up so it's almost like a personal training session. It's not cheap, but so far I've been very happy and think it's worth it. (It's less expensive than the Soccer dues we've been paying all these years!) I'm usually a little sore somewhere all the time (and sometimes REALLY sore), but I guess that's a good thing. :-)

The trade off has been that it's given me less time to run and recently I've found it harder to get up and run on the boot camp "off days". I think I need to just do a little planning each week and schedule in an off day rather than negotiating with myself each morning. Eventually I'd like to start a "Bridge to 10K" program and enter a 10k race, so I've got to figure out if I can do both. That's not likely to be the case until the fall, so I'll put off that planning for now.

Here's the only photo I have of my "box" (using Crossfit terminology for gym) that I took with my phone this winter: