How I Lost Weight

I figured it made sense for me to document/share how I have lost weight over the last 9 months. This website/blog is really just a personal photo journal, but I've read blogs of all varieties over the years and I often enjoy reading about other people's journeys to health & fitness.

So here's my story.

In late June 2013, I decided to join Weight Watchers. A new 'store' opened up very near my house and I'd had some success (until I stopped) with WW several years ago. Starting the next week (first week of July 2013) until December 24th, I lost weight every single week. Sometimes it was several pounds, sometimes it was .2 pounds, but most weeks it was somewhere around 1 pound or so. By that Christmas Eve weigh in, I'd lost 40 pounds. Since that date, I've lost another 7 pounds, but have been stalling and/or bouncing around a little bit. I need to pick my "target" weight at some point, but I'm thinking I'd like to go down another 5-7 pounds. Weight Watchers gives you "Lifetime Status" when you reach your goal, which allows you to continue the program free of charge, provided that you stay within 2 pounds on either side of that weight.

There are some things that I think were "key" to my losing successfully that I'll list here. Maybe I'll post each one in more detail in the future.
  • Used Weight Watchers iPhone App to track my food and exercise
  • Didn't Quit. Simple, but really the most important thing I did
  • Added Exercise, little by little, but in an organized, programmatic way.
    1. Starting and Completing a Couch To 5K program
    2. Started attending a "Boot Camp" class 3x/week
    3. Added weekly hikes/walks as often as possible
  • Started reading more fitness/wellness articles, magazines, blogs

And now for the hardest part....the before...and after. I can't imagine I have a full length "before" photo, but if I find one, I'll post those as well.

leenie_before eileen_after